Kakha Kokaia

Court Member
Kakha Kokaia-mediator since 2021
Kakha Kokaia mediator since 2021, working in construction companies Ltd " Legi "and LTD" Mekhanizacia 96", in the expertise department of Achara Chamber of commerce and industry. Lawyer by profession, owns I. Javakhishvili Batumi Law Institute, faculty of diploma.In 2019 Kakha have undergone certification Training in mediation (40 inches) supported: Tbilisi State University Alternative Dispute Resolution, National Center for (NCADR), the Georgian Bar Association (GBA), U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), East West Management Institute (EWMI) and the judicial and Legal Empowerment Project (JILEP), Houston's South Texas School of law (STCLH) and ervoces and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Kakha Kokaia mediation category includes liability, family, inheritance and labor disputes.

As for professional experience: 1992-1994 Achara department of Tourism and Sport - senior Methodist; 1994-2005 Achara Expert-criminalist division of the Ministry of internal affairs; 2005-2009 legal company LTD "Amiran nakashidze and Partners" head of the Department of expertise and special research, lawyer; Since 2009-lawyer of the LEPL "Georgian Bar Association" (criminal law specialization); since 2016-expert of the expertise Department of the Achara AR Industrial Chamber of Commerce.
Working languages: Georgian, Russian, Turkish.