Accreditation Program

Obtaining accreditation is an important prerequisite for mediation / mediator training. The training is organized and conducted by the institutions and individuals whose standard of mediation / mediator training is in full compliance with the standard set by the Mediator Certification Program.

The interested person can obtain both program and institutional accreditation:


Program Accreditation - In February 2021, the Association started accepting applications for program accreditation, which costs GEL 2,000 (two thousand). Obtaining program accreditation entitles the applicant to conduct one-time training of persons wishing to mediate in the program approved by the Association within the time required by the application. The same applicant can receive software accreditation for an unlimited period of one year.

Institutional Accreditation - From January 2022, the Association started accepting applications for institutional accreditation, the cost of which is 5,000 (five thousand) GEL. Institutional accreditation gives its holder the opportunity to conduct mediator training throughout the calendar year without restriction.


The Executive Board of the Association reviews the application for software and institutional accreditation and makes the relevant decision within 30 calendar days from the date of registration of the relevant application.

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Documentation required to obtain accreditation:

(A) Application
(B) Information on the location and date of the training;
(C) The identities, contact information and number of trainers in accordance with the rules and standards established by the regulations;
(D) Training program - a detailed schedule and syllabus, which includes: topic name, results to be achieved, methodology, materials, lead trainer(s).
(E) Bank receipt confirming payment of the fee for accreditation.



For detailed information on organizational, structural, and methodological requirements, see the provisions of the Mediator Certification Program.

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