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About Association

Welcome to the website of the most independent and creative professional association - the Mediators Association of Georgia! 

Since January 1st 2020, the Law of Georgia on Mediation has come into force. This constitutes unprecedented reformation in the recent years of Georgia. The enactment of the law gives us the opportunities that even we have not fully comprehended and enables us to achieve what was previously impossible. These include: 

  • We can be the ones who resolve our own court disputes!
  • We can resolve our own disputes without going to the court - by referring it to mediation!
  • Our mediated settlement is subject to mandatory affirmation by the court, thus we can take justice into our own hands!
  • All of these require minimal time and significantly less cost compared to any other dispute resolution method.

The Mediators Association of Georgia is an independent professional association! 

Irakli Kandashvili

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What is Mediation?

According to the Law of Georgia on Mediation, mediation is a process, despite its name, in which two or more parties discuss their disputes with the assistance of a mediator who helps them resolve the dispute and reach an agreement regardless of whether the process started at the parties’ initiative or on the basis and under the procedure provided for by law.
A dispute or disagreement arises.
Parties choose mediation to resolve their dispute
Parties choose a mediator from the Unified Register.
A mediator is a neutral person in the mediation process.
Parties’ interests are brought together during mediation.
Mediation is conducted in a neutral and relatively informal setting.
A mediation agreement is reached.
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"საქართველოს მედიატორთა ასოციაციასა“ და აჭარის ავტონომიური რესპუბლიკის სავაჭრო-სამრეწველო პალატას შორის მემორანდუმი გაფორმდა

"საქართველოს მედიატორთა ასოციაციის“ თავმჯდომარემ, ირაკლი ყანდაშვილმა და „აჭარის ავტონომიური რესპუბლიკის სავაჭრო-სამრეწველო პალატის" თავმჯდომარემ, გიორგი რომანაძემ, ურთიერთთანამშრომლობის მემორანდუმს მოაწერეს ხელი.

საქართველოს მედიატორთა ასოციაციის თავმჯდომარე ირაკლი ყანდაშვილის მონაწილეობით საქართველოს პარლამენტის განათლებისა და მეცნიერების კომიტეტში სამუშაო შეხვედრა გაიმართა.

შეხვედრას ესწრებოდნენ განათლებისა და მეცნიერების კომიტეტის თავმჯდომარე გიორგი ამილახვარი, განათლებისა და მეცნიერების კომიტეტის თავმჯდომარის პირველი მოადგილე თამარ ტალიაშვილი და განათლებისა და მეცნიერების მინისტრის პირველი მოადგილე თამარ მახარაშვილი.

Irakli Kandashvili, Chairman of the Mediators Association of Georgia, met with Nadir Adilov, Chairman of the board of Mediation Council of Azerbaijan.

Irakli Kandashvili, Chairman of the Mediators Association of Georgia, and Nadir Adilov, Chairman of the board of Mediation Council of Azerbaijan, held an introductory working meeting.

Another new court mediation center has been opened in Gori District Court

Giorgi Mikautadze, Chairman of the Chamber of Civil Cases of the Supreme Court of Georgia, Irakli Kandashvili, Chairman of the Mediators Association of Georgia, and Shalva Kakauridze, Chairman of the Gori District Court, opened a court mediation center at the Gori District Court.

A change has been made to the court mediation program approved by the High Council of Justice

Article 7 of the Court Mediation Program, approved by the High Council of Justice, amended the Mediator Remuneration Rule at the initiative of the Mediators Association of Georgia.

Training on "Gender and Gender Relations"

Organized by the Mediators Association of Georgia, and supported by the UN Women's UN WOMEN, the Association's training on Gender and Gender Relations was held for the second time.

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