In case of violation of the norms of the Code of Professional Ethics of the Mediators Association of Georgia, the Mediators Ethics Commission is authorized to conduct disciplinary proceedings against the mediator and impose disciplinary liability. The Ethics Commission consists of 9 members, who are elected by the General Assembly in accordance with the rules established for the election of Board members for a term of 4 years. The Ethics Commission is independent and carries out its activities in accordance with the provisions on disciplinary liability of mediators.

The main purpose of the Ethics Commission is to protect the mediator's profession and raise professional standards, as well as to prevent disciplinary misconduct and to ensure a fair disciplinary process for the mediator in order to increase public confidence in the mediator's profession. The Ethics Commission operates on the basis of the Law of Georgia on Mediators, the Regulation on Disciplinary Proceedings of Mediators, the Charter of the Association of Mediators and the Code of Professional Ethics of Mediators.