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The Mediators Association of Georgia is a membership-based legal entity under public law established on 14 December 2019 on the basis of the Law of Georgia on Mediation. The prime objectives of the Association are to:

• Regulate mediators' activities and make mediation generally available;
• Develop a profession of mediation and determine issues related to mediator qualifications;
• Determine the common standard of the professional ethics for mediators and ensure its          execution through the procedure of disciplinary  proceedings;
• Ensure effective private and judicial mediation process;
• Make mediation a frequently used instrument for alternative dispute resolution;
• Raise mediation awareness and increase confidence level;
• Protect the rights of mediators;
• Introduce and develop the best practices of mediation in Georgia.

The governing bodies of the Association of Mediators are as follows: the General Meeting of the Association, the Chairperson of the Association, and the Executive Board. Currently, 253 members are registered with the Association's Unified Register of Mediators.

Irakli Kandashvili

Welcome to the webpage of the most independent and creative professional union - LEPL Georgian Association of Mediators!

The Law of Georgia on Mediation came into force on 1 January 2020, with this being an unprecedented reform in Georgia lately. The entry into force of the said law has provided us with incredible opportunities thanks to which, we, in fact, must achieve the unreachable, in particular:

• We have been enabled to resolve in court ongoing legal disputes involving us!
• We have been enabled to resolve legal disputes involving us out of court with the help of mediators!
• An agreement we reach shall be subject to mandatory court approval, with this enabling us to render justice!
• These processes are carried out in the shortest possible term and cost much cheaper than any other dispute resolution tool.

LEPL Georgian Association of Mediators is the union of independent professionals!
Mediators help you identify your real interests, visualize the peaceful and prosperous future you shape!
By choosing mediation, you plan your future, try to pursue your best interests, achieve the best possible outcome, and reach the most acceptable agreement.

Mediators are professionals equipped with knowledge and skills to help you feel comfortable and hopeful in situations that may seem tense initially!
Allow us, mediators, to serve you and pursue your interests!


The Board is a collegial governing body, which determines the main priorities, objectives and strategy of the Association. Board activities are regulated by the Law of Georgia on Mediation and the Statute of the Association of Mediators. The Board is composed of at least eight members. Board members are elected at the General Meeting of the Association for a term of 4 years. Executive Board members are not renumerated. The Chairperson of the Association of Mediators ex officio is an Executive Board member and presides over it.
Executive Board meetings shall be held when necessary, but at least once a quarter. In addition to collegial management of the Association, the Board performs various functions, including reviewing and approving annual activity plans, budgets and reports; keeping the register, planning and implementing training and educational programmes to upgrade mediators' qualifications; and approving the rule for issuing training accreditation.

Board members


Strategic Plan

On  June 27 2020, the 5-year strategic development plan drawn up by the Executive Board under the auspices of the European Union and the United Nations Development Programme was unanimously approved at the General Meeting of the Georgian Association of Mediators.


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