How to become
a mediator

On 27 June 2020, LEPL Georgian Association of Mediators approved the Professional Standard for Mediators and determined qualification requirements to become a mediator in accordance with the law. Any legally competent natural person without a criminal record may serve as a mediator, i.e. the neutral third party administering interest-based negotiations and mediation processes. In accordance with the Certification Programme for Mediators approved by the Georgian Association of Mediators, to qualify as a mediator, successful completion of the following three stages are mandatory
1. Participation in at least a 60-hour training programme organized by an entity authorized to administer and accredit a certification programme (certification provider) approved by the Association.

2. Assessment of mediators’ professional skills and competences at simulation sessions at the initiative of the Association and under the supervision of its experts.
3. Development of professional skills and abilities to preside over the real mediation; participation in the actual process of mediation in accordance with the rules and procedures determined by the Association before an aspiring mediator is authorized to conduct mediation independently. After successful completion of the abovementioned three stages, mediator candidates are registered with the Unified Register of Mediator