Kakha Tsnobiladze

Court Member
Kakha Tsnobiladze - mediator since 2022

Lawyer by profession, Graduated with honors from the Humanitarian Institute Faculty of Law.

Professional experience: 1999-2003: Investigator, 2004-2012: Department prosecutor at the Office of the General Prosecutor of Georgia,2013-2015: Lecturer at Ilia State University, 2014-2016: Lawyer of JSC Telasi, 2013-Present: Member of the Georgian Bar Association.

Certificates: 2005: Raoul Wallenberg Institute Certification in the Human Rights Seminar for Prosecutors, 2007: Budapest International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) Certificate in International Cooperation in Combating Organized Crime, 2007: British Council Certificate in Modern Management Techniques, 2014: USAID Certificate in Intellectual Property Law, 2015: Georgian Bar Association Certificate in Domestic Violence Prevention and Victim Protection, 2016: Joint certificate of USAID Institute of Human Rights and Tbilisi Free University in “Standards of Proof in Criminal Justice and Humanitarian Law”.

Working language: Georgian