keti Beridze

Court Member

keti Beridze - mediator since 2023.

A lawyer by profession, he has been practicing private law since 2021, and since 2022 he has joined the Georgian Bar Association as a lawyer specializing in common law and in the field of children's rights and juvenile justice. At the same time, you are an invited specialist of the Parliament of Georgia. In different years, Katie's legal activities are related to both the public and private sectors. In 2019, he worked at the Association of Young Lawyers of Georgia. In 2020-2021, in the centralized department of land registrations in the National Public Registry Agency. In 2021, he joined the team of the construction company "Smart Solutions" in the position of chief lawyer, and since 2022 he has been actively involved in legislative activities. In addition, he provides legal advice to many local and international level companies.

Has passed the certificate training in mediation (120 hours in total). You are also the author of a number of scientific papers and researches, including in the field of mediation, private, criminal and labor law. In addition, he has held more than one public lecture on current legal issues and is an international debate trainer.

He graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University's law undergraduate program, as well as from Ilia State University's private (business) law master's program, and now he is continuing his studies at TSU's doctoral program in law.

In 2021, he passed the University of Michigan qualification course "Successful negotiation: essential strategies and skills" and in the same year "Corporate & Commercial Law: Contracts & Employment Law" at Illinois College. He has completed the training course organized by the Wipo training center in the direction of copyright law.

The categories of mediation cases are: commercial, liability, contractual, family, inheritance, entrepreneurial, banking, individual and collective labor-legal and personal, non-property rights disputes.


Working languages: Georgian, English.