Kristina Peradze

Court Member

Kristina Peradze - mediator since 2023

Currently serving as the Chief Specialist of the Innovation and Quality Management Service within the Administrative Department of the National Agency of Public Registry, and as a deputy head and member of the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) working group of the agency.

Lawyer by profession, holds a Bachelor of Law from Tbilisi State University and Master's degree from Cologne University (LLM zu Köln).

Kristina has completed 60-hour certificate training in mediation, conducted by the National Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution of Tbilisi State University, accredited by the Georgian Association of Mediators. In addition, Kristina successfully passed the three-step program outlined by the guidelines of the Association of Mediators of Georgia.

Kristina participated in the Tbilisi-Berlin 2022 international exchange student seminar, where the seminar’s focus was  "The influence of existing economic events on the level of micro and macro economy, in terms of labor and criminal law"; She has completed the following trainings: "Design of State Services" (2023); "Research and Processing of Customer Satisfaction" (2023); "Unified Evaluation System" (2023); "Delivery of State Services" (2022). She also participated in the Tbilisi State University Summer School "Legal German 2015".

As for the professional experience: Kristina has been the main specialist in the Innovation and Quality Management Service of the Administrative Department of the Public Registry National Agency since May 20, 2022.  Prior to this, from January 1, 2022 to May 1, 2022, the chief specialist of the Organizational Security and Public Relations Service at the LEPL National Agency of Public Registry; From 2017 to 2022, a specialist of the Centralized Registration Service of the Property Registration Department.

Working Languages : Georgian, German.