Mariam Machaidze

Court Member
Mariam Machaidze - mediator since 2023

Currently, Mariam is an aIorney of general specializaLon and in addiLon of Juvenile jusLce
and Rights of the child.

Also She is a lawyer and has a master's degree in private law from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.

For her high academic performance, she has received scholarships in several Lmes. 

Mariam has completed a cerLficate training in mediaLon, which was organized by the NaLonal Center for AlternaLve Dispute ResoluLon (NCADR) of Tbilisi State University. She has also parLcipated in several conferences and she has published arLcles.

Regarding professional experience: from November 2020 to March 2021, she worked in the Real Estate Sporadic RegistraLon Department of the Public Registry. And from June to December 2019, she was an intern at the civil board of the Tbilisi City Court.

Mariam’s mediaLon pracLces are specialized in the following categories of disputes: commercial, family, inheritance, labor and business disputes.She is also a mediator specializing in juvenile jusLce.

Working languages: Georgian, English.