Marina Londaridze

Court Member

Marina Londaridze-mediator since 2023

By profession is a lawyer,  she is engaged in the activities of a lawyer, she is a trainer, she gives lectures in universities in the field of private law, she is a lawyer of several private companies, she has been awarded the degree of Doctor of Law.

Marina Londaridze's category of mediation cases is court mediation, contractual, civil, labor, inheritance, family disputes.As for her professional experience, since 2010 she has been practicing as a lawyer. In 1997-98, she practiced in the marketing service of the city of Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

In 2016, with the funding of the Technical University of Georgia, she visited the University of Munster in Germany to observe the law education program; since 2008, she has been reading civil law at various universities.She held the position of assistant professor and associate professor in several universities, she is the author of works.

Working languages: Georgian, German