Mzia Kasrashvili

Court Member
Mzia Kasrashvili - Mediator since 2022.

Born in the village of Zeda Simoneti, Terjoli district.
1978 has graduated from Upper Simoneti Secondary School. In the same year, she entered St. Kutaisi in the technical school of shorthand and typing, which  graduated in 1980.
1980 I started working in St. In Kutaisi heating operation department - as a laborant.
1982 And in the same year  started working in St. Lenin district of Kutaisi Sasamartlos - secretary-memnakaned.
1985 Mzia started working for profile internship in St. In Kutaisi # 2 investigative isolator - as a controller
1986 she enrolled in St. Tbilisi Iv. Javakhishvili house In the state university - law faculty - incomplete department.
In 1989 she started working in St. In Kutaisi # 3 maternity home - in the temporary position of a legal consultant.
As early as 1991, Mzia started working in St. In Kutaisi Sali weavers' combine - as a legal consultant of the combine. I was released from Z/Arnishnuli combine
1998  and in the same year she was admitted to St. Tbilisi as a member advocate of "Union of your lawyer".
Since 2006, she has been enrolled in the Georgian Bar Association as a lawyer.

Working Languages: Georgian, Russian, German.