Calendar For Online Discussions

The Mediators Association of Georgia continues to organize online discussions, related to mediation profession and deals with actual and important issues which is an interest for general public.

  • February 17
Mediation- on loan Disputes with Microfinance Organizations (at 16:00 hour).

  • February 18

“Standard of Ethics and Mediation, as a new profession” (at 18:30 hour).

  • February 22
“The value of Mediation in Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Period”. (at 16:00 hour).

  • February 23
“The essence and process of Court Mediation”. (at 16:00 hour).

  • February 24

“Psychological Aspects of Mediation”. (at 16:00 hour)

  • February 26

“Processual Importance of Ethical Principles in Mediation”. (at 16:00 hour).