Mediators Association of Georgia, with the support of the Lawyers Association of Georgia, held a meeting with the members of the Association of Lawyers in the Kakheti region - "Try Mediation"

The event/activity was implemented with the support of the United Nations Development Program and Germany, within the framework of the project "Improving access to the rule of law and justice for all".

The participants were welcomed and the meeting was chaired by the Chairman of the Mediators Association of Georgia - Irakli Kandashvili


Irakli Kandashvili spoke about mediation and noted that it is very important for lawyers to have thorough knowledge of the mediation process.


There was a lot of interest from the lawyers at the meeting, many interesting questions were asked by them.


Mediators Association of Georgia will hold such meetings frequently, because the awareness of lawyers regarding the mediation process is very important and contributes to the raising of awareness about mediation in the society.

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