იამზე (ია) ჯღარკავა

Court Member

Iamze (Ia) Jgharkava - Mediator since 2023

Currently, the Georgian Bar Association's mentor advocate with a common specialization.  Also, a lawyer specializing in juvenile justice and child rights (civil).

A lawyer by profession holds a diploma from a certified specialist in law at the Tbilisi Humanitarian Institute of the Georgian Academy of Sciences (equivalent to a master, with honors); European Business School (ESB) Top management CEO program diploma.

In 2022 she graduated from Tbilisi State University Center for Alternative Dispute (NCADR), mediation training (70 hours) accredited by the Georgian Association of Mediators.

The categories of Ias mediation cases are: entrepreneurial, liability, property, family, inheritance, contractual, labor, medical, banking, tax law.

Ia has passed the following "Qualification Testing of Lawyers with General Specialization" by the Georgian Bar Association (2006), "Juvenile Justice" - Norwegian Rule of Law Advisory Mission in Georgia (2008); "Attorney's skills; Legal spelling; acting skills"- U.S. Agency for International Development (2012-2013); "Criminalistics" – American Lawyers' Association; Legal practice - Severodonetsk City Prosecutor's Office (Ukraine, 1995 -1996).

As for professional experience: since 2005 – till now he is engaged in legal activities;  2007-2021 – Lawyer of LEPL Legal Aid Service (in other regions); 2018 - Member of the Bar Rights Committee of the Georgian Bar Association, 2002-2004 – Lawyer of the Samegrelo/Svaneti Division of the Department of Energy Supervision and Heating Quality; 2000-2002 - Lawyer of Zugdidi City Board.

Languages: Georgian, Russian, English.