Lia (Khatuna) Sanikidze

Court Member
Lia (Khatuna) Sanikidze - Mediator since 2017

Currently senior trainer at TBC Human Capital Management Department Training and Development Department; Mediator at Tbilisi City Court.
Social Psychologist by profession, holds diploma of Philosophy and Psychology from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University; Holds diploma of the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University (Virginia, USA).
She is an accredited mediator at Tbilisi City Court. In 2017, he received a 56-hour Mediator Training certificate from the Tbilisi City Court which was supported by the United Nations Development Program and the European Union.
Her mediation practice’s includes: Liability, Family and Inheritance disputes.
She has a variety of professional experience: Psychologist, trainer at Tbilisi European School (ESM - Tbilisi) in 1994-2008; From 2008 to present- invited lecturer at Free University of Tbilisi and since 2015 Tbilisi Agrarian University; 1998 - 2000 facilitator-trainer at International Center for Conflict and Negotiation (ICCN); 1998 - 2015  Executive Director of the NGO "Women for the Future", She has participated in the following projects: 2004-2005 "Promoting Women's Participation in the Peacebuilding Process", a constructive dialogue between Georgian and Abkhazian communities in the Gali region; Directorate General of Political Affairs; Confidence-Building Measures Program (EU); 2001-2002 UNIFEM Project "The Role of Women in Conflict Resolution, Conflict Prevention and Peacekeeping in the South Caucasus", Expert, Coordinator; 1999 - 2000 Project “Trainer of trainer’s in Dispute Resolution Field”, IREX Board support edit, witht provided by the Bureau of Education alandcultural Affairsof U.S. Departmentof State, Trainer; 1999 A / O - UN-International Secretariat for Water (ISW). Project in Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan): "Women's Participation in Conflict Resolution and Water Resources Management", Trainer-Expert.

Working languages: Georgian, Russian.