Nana Uznadze

Court Member
Nana Uznadze - Mediator since 2023

Nana Uznadze is a graduate of Bachelor’s and Master’s educational programs and the student of PhD educational program at “Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University”.

In 2021 she completed an internship at the “Certification, Education and Membership Management Unit” of the LEPL "Mediators Association of Georgia". In 2018, she completed an internship at the strategic communications agency “Peritus Group” as part of the mediation communication campaign.

She completed the 32-hour online training in mediation of the “TSU National Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution (TSU NCADR)” (2021), the 70-hour certificate training in mediation accredited by the LEPL "Mediators Association of Georgia" (2022) and the 8-hour intensive training in mediation of the “International Academy of Dispute Resolution” (INADR)(2021).

She is the author of articles related to topical issues of mediation.

Working Languages: Georgian, English.