Nino Andriashvili

Court Member

Nino Andriashvili - mediator since 2023

Currently working a lawyer/advocate of the non-governmental organization "Sapari".

Lawyer by profession; holds a master's degree from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University;

Georgian Bar Association, member of the Justice and Judicial Reform Committee from 2019 to present;

Since 2003, she has been a member of the Georgian Bar Association, a lawyer with general specialization; At the same time, she has additional specializations - on children's rights and juvenile justice, awarded by the Georgian Bar Association.

Trainings and other achievements:CEU Summer University, training course "Strategic litigation in cases of persons with disabilities" - 2010·London "INTERIGHTS", training "Development of legal skills and knowledge for the successful prosecution of cases of violence against women - 2009;Workshop "UN High Commissioner for Refugees and Council of Europe Standards for the Protection of Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Displaced Persons" jointly organized by the Council of Europe and Gluck (UNHCR), Geneva, World Organization Against Torture (OMCT), 2007.

As for professional experience: she has many years of work experience, both at the level of private law practice, as well as working as a lawyer in various non-governmental organizations and the business sector.

Also, invited expert in the Office of the Public Defender of Georgia in 2013-2014;Member of the Public Council for Monitoring Human Rights in Psychiatric Hospitals under the Public Defender of Georgia, 2007-2009;Lawyer of the Society of Authors of Georgia 2004-2005;


Working languages: Georgian, English, Russian