Nino Burduli

Court Member

Nino Burduli - mediator since 2023 

Conflictologist by profession. Owns Master degree in conflict management and analysis of Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University. Currently, she is conducting a doctoral research on the process of implementation  a mediation service in Georgia .

From 2008 until now, Nino has worked in the field of mental health, children's rights and education, both in public institutions and in the international and local non-governmental sector.

She has experience working with various vulnerable groups of beneficiaries, both in city-type settlements and in conflict zones: street children, internally displaced persons, disabled children and their families, children vulnerable to violence, adolescents in conflict with the law and their families.

She was actively involved in the implementation of the pilot project of the inter-agency referral system for protection against violence (2009).

She also worked in the interdepartmental work team for the development of standards for juvenile care services. (2012)

Nino was involved in the implementation of the inter-departmental referral system for strengthening the juvenile crime prevention mechanism (2013).

Nino has completed the relevant certificate training courses for the qualification of mediators. 

Her  field of work is family, school, inheritance, corporate, labor mediation. 
Membership: Member of the Media Association of Georgia Member of the Association of Social Workers of Georgia

Working languages: Georgian, English.