Nino Kostava

Court Member
Nino Kostava- Mediator since 2022.

Currently holding position of “MRG Limited”, Lawyer by profession holding Diploma of International Law issued by Faculty of Law, Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University. Advocate by profession, status of Lawyer,  member of Georgian Bar Association in Civil Law. Conductor by profession holing Diploma of Academic Choir Conductor issued by Batumi Zakaria Paliashvili State College. Accountant by profession holding valid Certificate in international standards of accounting issued by Georgian Economists’ Association.

As for her working experience, in 2022-2004 she worked as a Lawyer for Ministry of Economy of the Autonomous Republic of Achara, Batumi. In 2004-2005-Member Lawyer for International Organization of the Social security and Protection of the Rights of the Homeless and Prisoners in Georgia/ In 2005-2006 she won the contest for the position of the Legal Service Specialist  for Batumi Local Self-Government  Office with further promotion to Leading Lawyer of the same Service, In 2005-2019 – Lawyer and Accountant for Queensway Services  Ltd. (crewing company), currently – Procurator. In 2006  - Lawyer, “Newspaper Achara and Adjaria” Ltd (founded with  100% participation of the Ministry of Finance andEconomy of the Achara Autonomous Republic). In 2006-2007 – Lawyer for “Batpharma” Ltd. (pharmaceutical factory). In 2007-2008  - Head of Legal Administration of Regional Customs “West” under Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia. In 2008-2009 - Deputy Head of the Legal Department, Batumi Regional Center (Tax Administration) under Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia. In 2009-2010  -  Lawyer for  K.S. Nodia and Partners, Tbilisi. In 2010-2011 -   Lawyer, GIMG Ltd, Batumi.In 2011-2012 – Lawyer for “Barambo Achara” Ltd. In 2016-2018  - Lawyer,TV Era Ltd., Batumi. Since 2011 she has been holding position of the Lawyer for “MRG Limited” (Distribution of Natakhtari products in Adjarian region).
Working languages: Georgian, Russian, English.