Tamar Chalidze

Court Member

Tamar Chalidze - Mediator since 2023.

Currently, Doctoral Law Student of Tbilisi State University, Chief Consultant - Judge's Assistant at Tbilisi Court of Appeals, Mediator.

Lawyer by profession, owns Master of Private Law and Bachelor of Law degrees of Tbilisi State University.

Tamar's mediation practices are specialized in the following categories of disputes: business (contractual obligations), commodity, family, inheritance, labor, bank and commercial disputes.

Basic and specialized mediation courses and certification programs: since 2013, Tamar has completed a 60-hour certification training in Mediation (TSU National Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution, 2021), training - Alternative Means of Dispute Resolution and the Role of Women in Mediation (Swedish Alumni Network, 2020), training - Family Mediation (TSU National Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution, EWMI-PROLoG/USAID, South Texas School of Law, 2017), Introductory and Advanced Courses in Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (TSU, 2013-2015).

Working experience: since 2014 to the present, she has been working in the Civil Affairs Chamber of the Tbilisi Court of Appeals, in the positions of Secretary (2014), Judge's Assistant (2014-2022) and Chief Consultant Judge's Assistant (2022-present), she has successfully passed the Georgian Bar Exam with general specialization (2021), she has conducted a mediation workshop for Judge Assistants (EU for Georgia, United Nations Development Program in Georgia, 2019), as well as - training on Dispute Resolution Tools and Necessary Skills (Civil Monitoring Center, 2019), since 2015 she has been engaged in scientific-research activities on the topic of Mediation, has published several scholarly articles and blogs on mediation.

Working Language: Georgian