Tamar Chumburidze

Court Member

Tamar Chumburidze - mediator since 2023

Currently, Tamari is the co-founder of the non-governmental organization “Women for Change”. In addition a Professional Supervisor in the direction of social work" of the World Vision Georgian Foundation’s Project  "Promoting the Implementation of the Code of Children's Rights in Georgia”.

By profession, she is a social worker and a lawyer:In 2012, she completed a Bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, in social work. In 2014, she received a master's degree in social work from the same university. She also received a bachelor's degree from Ilia State University's Law School in 2022.

Tamar is actively involved in various projects and training.  In 2019, Tamar completed certification training in mediation (56 hours) supported by the United Nations Development Programme.  In 2017, she received training in working with minors in conflict with the law. In 2019-2020, she attended a six-day training course on "motivational interviewing". In 2018, she received an award for particularly successful activities in the "Diversion" program. She is also a 2020-2021 graduate of the "School of Leaders" at the Institute of Politics of Georgia.

Regarding professional experience: Tamar has ten years of experience working in juvenile matters. From 2022 until the present, she has worked for the non-governmental organization GCRT as a case manager.  From 2020 to the present, the non-gsovernmental organization "Imereti Development Center" - is a professional supervisor in the field of social work. In 2017-2020, she was a social worker in the convict's Resocialization-Rehabilitation division of the National Agency for crime prevention execution of non-custodial sentences and probation. In 2013-2020, she was employed as a social worker at the Isani-Samgori Social Service Center of the Social Service Agency.

Working languages: Georgian, English