Tamar Lukava

Court Member
Tamar Lukava – mediator since 2023

Currently Tamar Lukava works at Non-Governmental Organization “Sapari” as the lawyer’s coordinator and Lawyer.

Since 2011 Tamar Lukava is a member of Georgian Bar Association with General Specialization. She is a mentor and the specialized lawyer in Juvenile justice and Juvenile Rights (civil).

Tamar has completed a 60-hour certification training in mediation conducted by the National Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution (NCADR) of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi state University, accredited by the Association of Mediators of Georgia.

Tamari’s mediation practices include: law of obligation, contractual, medical, property law, labor, Cases of discrimination and sexual harassment on various grounds.

Tamari has participated in a number of professional trainings and conferences, both in Georgia and abroad. Tamari holds the trainings on the crimes committed against the women, domestic violence, sex crim, early marriage, on issues of gender discrimination, sexual harassment. Since 2013 until 2016 Tamari was working at Human Rights Center as a lawyer. Since 2016 until 2018 she was a coordinator of human rights center’s office in Kvemo Kartli.

Working language: Georgian