“Procedural Law for mediation”

Currently, within the framework of continuing professional education of mediators, training for mediators - "Procedural Law for mediation", which is supported by the USAID Rule of Law Program, is being conducted.

The event was opened by Irakli Kandashvili, the chairman of the Mediators Association of Georgia, and Irakli Gelovani, the USAID Rule of Law program advisor in the direction of ADR, addressed the participants.

The training is led by Lasha Kalandadze, a member of the Mediators Association of Georgia.

During the course of the training, they discuss problematic issues in practice, judicial and non-judicial mediation, mandatory or voluntary mediation, as well as issues of enforcement of mediation settlements.

The meeting is held in the mode of discussion and question-answer, the mentioned training will be held in the future and all mediators will have the opportunity to participate in it.


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