Khatuna Beselia

Court Member
Khatuna beselia - mediator since 2021

Currently a member of the Georgian Bar Association, a lawyer - specializing in criminal law. Has graduated from the Ecological-Economic Institute of Tbilisi, Georgia. Profession - Lawyer.  In 2021 underwent a three-stage program according to the rules of the Mediator Certification Program (LEPL Mediators Association of Georgia). In 2020 (15.06-18.07) underwent express certification courses provided by the International University of Management and Communication : "Emotional intelligence and stress management" and " Psycho-social crises Management ". In February 2019, Underwent a 40 hour training on mediation, conducted by TSU National Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution.
Professional experience: 2013-2019 - "LTD Legal Clinic and Center for Legal Expertise" - Director, 2012-2021 - "Eka Beselia Law Firm" - Director, 2008-Present - Member of the Georgian Bar Association. 2000-2012 - "Eka Beselia Law Firm" - Lawyer. At the same, Ms. Beselia was the director of the training center, where professional certification courses and trainings were not available. She was also the head of the family law and dispute litigation consultancy department.

Working Languages: Georgian , Russian