Tariel Sikharulidze

Court Member
Tariel Sikharulidze – mediator since 2022.

His mediation career started in the field of collective dispute mediation. Nowadays Tariel is a member of collective dispute mediation registry and a member of Mediators Association of Georgia. In order to hone his mediation skills together with practice he attended 80 hours mediation skills training delivered by ILO.
Tariel’s main training fields are negotiation, mediation, conflict resolution, team building, management, and people skills. Working geographical area is quiet wide starting with Caucasus, encompassing Europe and Africa. He work with public and private sector, military, NGO’s and Business Schools. He delivered taring to Georgian Ministry of foreign Affairs, INSP (former ENA), ESSEC, NEOMA, EM LYON, CIIM, Beaty Life Georgia, Bank of Georgia, Diplomat Georgia, Ecole de Guerre, and EU Commission among others. He do deliver a tailored made trainings for his clients and well as trainings for conflicting regions.

Tariel is Certified Integral Coach by Integral Coaching Canada. He is helping  clients to achieve their goals in the field’s leadership, personal growth and development, team management, communication, negotiation and mediation.
Tariel believes that mediation makes difference. According to Marshal Rosenberg we can resolve any conflict in 20 minutes since they discover each other’s needs.
Working languages: Georgian, Russian, English, and French