Tinatin Mumladze

Court Member

Tinatin Mumladze - Mediator since 2022.

Currently a Member of the Georgian Bar Association, Lawyer (Specialization - Common; Juvenile Justice; Children's Rights – Civil). Lawyer by profession, holds a Diploma equal to the Master of Laws of I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.

Since 2019, Tinatin has completed a 40-hour certification course in Mediation by the “Georgian Bar Association”, “TSU National Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution”, and “Tbilisi Open University”.

 As for professional experience: Tinatin has passed many qualification exams, has passed trainings for which certificates have been awarded, has participated in scientific conferences including: 2004 - Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Department of Administrative Law awarded her The Students for Their Successful Participation in the 2004 Scientific Conference. (Certificate was awarded).2007-2008 - 8-month internship in Tbilisi City Court. 2007 - Bar Certificate Exam in General Specialization.In 2007-2008 she completed a 3-month course as an Assistant Judge at the High School of Justice and passed a qualifying examination.. 2013-2014 - Lawyer Intern.Member of the Bar Association since 2014 - Lawyer.  Since 2015 - Lawyer of the Charity Foundation "Bolnisi".2015 - Training on „Prevention of Domestic Violence, Protection and Assistance to Victims“.  Since 2017 - Greenway Georgia “Personal Lawyer Agency” - Advocate (Lawyer).2019 Training – „International Human Rights Standards and Appeals Mechanisms“.  2019 - Mediation Representation (25-hour) training. 2019 -  Mediation (40 hours) training.  2019 - Juvenile Justice Qualification Exam.2020 - Child Rights Qualification Exam.     2020 – Training – „Actual Issues of Property Rights Registration“ (Review of Recent Legislative Changes).Training – „Actual Issues of Property Rights Registration“ (Review of Recent Legislative Changes). 2020 - Training „Interrogation Psychology“ . 2021 - Full Course ,,Criminal Psychology“ . 2021 -  Full Course – “Civil Intervention, Advocacy“ . 2021 – Qualification Examination of Mediator. 2021 - 32-hour training module ”Special Requirements and Intervention Methods” (she passed the qualification exam and was awarded a certificate). 2021 - Civic Education Teacher Exam.

Working languages: Georgian, Russian, English.