Irakli Leonidze

Court Member

Irakli Leonidze - Mediator since 2023

Irakli Leonidze is a PhD student at the Faculty of Law of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. He completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at TSU.

Since 2019, he has been involved in the activities of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Center (TSU) in terms of organizational, research and editorial issues. He also participated in the internship programs carried out by the Independent Inspectors Service and the Georgian Mediation Association. From 2021 to present – he has had various administrative positions at TSU, faculty of law. Now - head specialist at the Department of Internationalisation and Academic Research.

He also attended certified trainings organized by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre and a general course of intellectual property, project - promoting personal data protection in Georgia. He has participated in several national contests of mediation, in the first national contest of the Independent Inspectors Service “Judicial Behaviour and Discipline” and in the “Commercial Mediation Contest” organized by the University of Europe. He is an author of several research publications, a member of the editorial board of the Faculty of Law publications and a participant or winner of various international or national conferences.

Field of Mediation is: Property Law,Contract Law, Family and Inheritance Law,Labour disputes.

Working languages: Georgian, English.