Khvicha Tavadze

Court Member

Khvicha Tavadze- Mediator since 2024

Currently, a lawyer of the Kutaisi Bureau of the Legal Aid Service. A member of the Georgian Bar Association, a lawyer with general specialization, a lawyer specializing in children's rights (civil-administrative law) and juvenile justice (criminal law), a mentor lawyer of the Bar Association.


Khvicha is a lawyer by profession. He holds a diploma in the law of economic management and humanitarian institute, specializing in jurisprudence.

Has passed and holds certificates: European Union for Georgia, Association of Mediators UNDP, 60-hour course "Training of mediators" 03/08/2021. Association of Mediators of Georgia, "Practical Skills of a Mediator", September 2022 course. The three-step program provided by the mediator certification rule of the Association of Mediators of Georgia, March 2023. USAID, LSI Legal Aid Service, "Effective Litigation on Gender Equality Issues" 12/11/2019. European Union for Georgia, Legal Assistance Service of the State of Georgia, UNDP, 2018, "Actual Issues in Enforcement Proceedings." Norway's Rule of Law Advisers' Mission to Georgia/LORLAG 2008 - Seminar on: Articles 5 and 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights; Juvenile justice - local and international mechanisms; Continuous substantive review - a mechanism of an effective judicial system."

As for the practical experience, Khvicha has been a member of the Association of Lawyers of the State Council of Ukraine since 2005, since 2007 he has been employed in the legal assistance service of the Council of State Council of Kutaisi as a lawyer.

Working languages: Georgian, Russian.