Nino Kharitonashvili

Court Member

Nino Kharitonashvili - mediator since 2022.

EDUCATION- 2021 – MINHR search, “Mediterranea” University, Department of Law, Economics and Humanities,  International Post-Doctoral program  “New Technologies and Law”; 2003-2018 - Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Law, Civil Procedures, PhD, thesis “Third parties in civil procedures”; 2014 -   World Notariat University, UINL, 3rd edition, Rome, Italy; 1998 – 2003, TSU, Faculty of Law, Master Degree; 1998 – 2003, TSU, Faculty of Economics, Master Degree;

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE- 2022 Associate Professor, Caucasus University, Caucasus International University; 2020 Associate Professor, Alte University, Guram Tavartkiladze University; 2019 Assistant Professor, Georgian National University. 2013 -  Lawyer, Notary Chamber of Georgia; 2007-2013, JSC “TBC Bank”, Head of Credit Administration; 2005 –2007, Central Election Commission of Georgia, Principal Legal Specialist; 2002 – 2005, The Supreme Court of Georgia, Department of Common Courts, legal Specialist;

ADMISSIONS AND MEMBERSHIPS-2019 – Mediator, Edwards Mediation Academy (USA), Georgian association of mediators (Georgia); 2010 -  member of the Bar Association, Lawyer  in civil, criminal and children´s rights. Author of monographs: Comparative Civil Procedure,  Notary Law, Third parties in civil procedures. Articles: AI in Law, ADR, Defense of vulnerable persons, Surrogacy, Marriage contract etc. Research Topic – Social Role of Civil Procedure; Host University - University of Economics and Human Sciences (VIZJA), Warsaw, Poland; Research Advisor - Prof. Małgorzata Szwejkowska, Ph.D. from University of Economics and Human Sciences (VIZJA), Warsaw, Poland;

Working Languages: Georgian, English.